How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

Wisdom teeth are an extra set of third molars that grow during patients’ late teens and early twenties. Some wisdom teeth perfectly align with other teeth in the mouth. However, many patients’ wisdom teeth do not straightly line up with other teeth and become impacted, which often leads to overcrowding, pain, and infection. As a result, some dentists may recommend removing impacted wisdom teeth. 

What is Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth removal is an oral surgery that involves extracting one or more of the third molars. During this surgical procedure, an oral surgeon at Faces Fort Worth uses certain techniques to properly extract impacted wisdom teeth, depending on their position

Wisdom teeth that are completely erupted through the gum are usually easier to extract. Wisdom teeth that lie underneath the gums and are trapped in the jawbone may involve opening the gums with an incision and removing a piece of the bone that covers the tooth. Your oral surgeon may also cut your wisdom teeth into smaller pieces to easily remove them.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Fort Worth

What is the Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The total cost of wisdom teeth removal depends on a variety of factors. Some of the factors that are calculated into the cost of wisdom teeth removal include:

  • Provider’s geographic location – Your oral surgeon’s fee for wisdom teeth removal varies in different locations.  
  • Position of wisdom teeth – If the wisdom tooth is impacted, you can expect to spend $230 to $340 or more per tooth. Wisdom teeth that are easier to extract may cost around $99 per tooth. 
  • The number of wisdom teeth that need to be extracted – Oral surgeons usually charge fees per tooth. 
  • Type of anesthesia – Your provider may determine which type of anesthesia is best for your procedure. Anesthesia may include laughing gas or intravenous sedation. 
  • X-rays – Before your procedure, your dentist will perform an x-ray to examine the position of your wisdom teeth. 
  • Medical or dental insurance – Your medical or dental insurance provider may cover part of the costs of wisdom teeth removal. 

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How Long is Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Recovery after wisdom teeth removal at Face Fort Worth may take around two weeks. During your recovery, it is essential to keep your wounds clean. You may experience some swelling and soreness in your mouth and cheeks for about two to three days after wisdom teeth removal. 

To reduce swelling, your provider may recommend rinsing your mouth with warm water and salt. For the first two days following impacted wisdom teeth removal, you should only eat soft foods or liquids.  

Who is a Candidate for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

If you have impacted wisdom teeth that are causing dental problems, you may be a good candidate for wisdom teeth removal. To determine if impacted wisdom teeth extraction may benefit your teeth, schedule a consultation with an oral surgeon at Faces Fort Worth. We will examine your wisdom teeth to determine if wisdom teeth removal is right for you. 

Dr. Sonneveld and his staff are absolutely fantastic! Every time I walk into the office, I know I’m going to be greeted with a smile. Dr. Sonneveld answered all of my questions, and took the time to explain every part of the procedure. He even contacted me after my TMJ procedure to check in on me. I cannot recommend them enough!

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