What is an Implant Overdenture?

If you have lost many or all of your teeth, you may think uncomfortable, awkward dentures are your only solution. Fortunately, you have a much better option. An implant overdenture works like a normal denture, but instead of being free to move around, it anchors securely into your mouth and stays in place for all-day comfort and confidence. 

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What is an Implant Overdenture?

An implant overdenture is a type of denture that is secured in place with dental implants. Dental implants are made of titanium and anchored into your jawbone. If you only want to replace a few teeth, dental implants can be used to attach natural-looking, functional crowns. However, replacing many teeth this way has downsides, including the expense. An implant overdenture can work with as few as four implants per jaw. 

Dr. Sonneveld may recommend an implant overdenture for you if:

  • You do not want to wear traditional dentures
  • You want to avoid the expense of replacing many teeth with implants
  • Traditional dentures are causing problems with your speech, eating, or other activities
  • You are a good candidate for dental implants

How Does an Implant Overdenture Work?

Your implant overdenture procedure begins with the dental implants. These are placed into the jawbone and will need up to a few months to heal. Once they are fully established in the bone, they can be used to hold your implant overdenture. This device looks much like a regular denture, but it locks into place using the implants and will not slip or move around. 

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Am I a Good Candidate for an Implant Overdenture?

If you are missing enough teeth to benefit from dentures, an implant overdenture offers another option. Good candidates for this procedure have a jawbone healthy enough to support implants. You may not be a good candidate if you have certain medical conditions. Only a consultation can determine whether an implant overdenture might be a good solution for you. 

If you are not a candidate for an implant overdenture, Dr. Sonneveld will discuss your other options and help you find one you feel comfortable with. You deserve to eat, talk, and enjoy life without discomfort or difficulty with your dentures. 

What are the Benefits of an Implant Overdenture?

Anyone who has worn dentures or watched a loved one struggle with them can understand how a securely anchored denture could offer many benefits. Reasons to choose an overdenture include:

  • Allows you to eat your usual foods without difficulty
  • Will not slip or move when you talk
  • Keeps your jawbone strong and helps prevent the need for bone grafts
  • Prevents facial changes caused by missing teeth
  • Will not irritate or dig into your gums
  • Does not require adhesives or other products to stay in place
  • Costs much less than replacing many teeth with individual implants
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