What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Our body is a collection of various types of cells coded to complete a specific function. Within the body are two types of cells: differentiated and undifferentiated. Differentiated cells have a particular role, such as red blood cells carrying oxygen throughout our body. Undifferentiated cells, known as stem cells, are cells with open programming, giving them the flexibility to become various types of cells. 

At Faces Fort Worth, we use stem cells for regenerative dentistry. Your cells can help regenerate lost tissue structure with a lower risk of rejection. 

Stem Cells and PRP Fort Worth & Arlington

What are the Types of Stem Cells?

There are currently four known types of stem cells.

Embryonic Stem Cells

These cells are made from embryos that are 3-5 days old. They are harvested from laboratories and are the most versatile of stem cells.

Adult Stem Cells

Adult stem cells may have a misleading name, as they can be found in infants. These are cells from fully developed organs. Until recently, it was believed that adult stem cells were extremely limited in their growth into differentiated cells. 

Recent research has shown that adult stem cells create more than similar types of cells. Bone marrow may be used for more than blood cells but can also develop bone and heart muscle cells. 

At Faces Fort Worth, we use a type of adult stem cell called dental pulp stem cells to regenerate tooth structure and induce periodontal regeneration. 

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)

These are genetically reprogrammed adult cells designed to mimic embryonic stem cells. With further research, scientists may be able to use skin stem cells to prevent the immune system from rejecting an organ implant. 

Cord Blood and Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells

Cord blood stem cells and amniotic fluid stem cells, harvested from the umbilical cord, can be frozen in cell banks to help treat children with blood cancers and types of genetic blood disorders. More research is required for potential uses of amniotic fluid stem cells–from fluid from the mother’s womb.

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What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy utilizes the versatility of stem cells to help regenerate tissue and improve some diseases, such as cancer. Stem cells are the next step in medical advancement for disease prevention, organ transplantation, and more. 

At Faces Fort Worth, the dental pulp stem cells help repair fractured wisdom teeth, primary teeth, and other permanent teeth. Using stem cells in dentistry reduces the risk of rejection and allows a more natural method to restore the lost dental structure. 

Due to the quantity and quality of stem cells from dental pulp, widespread use is currently unavailable for clinical treatments. Future technological advancements and research may provide answers to overcome the current limitations. 

Dr. Sonneveld and his staff are absolutely fantastic! Every time I walk into the office, I know I’m going to be greeted with a smile. Dr. Sonneveld answered all of my questions, and took the time to explain every part of the procedure. He even contacted me after my TMJ procedure to check in on me. I cannot recommend them enough!

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