What is the Difference Between a Functional and Cosmetic Rhinoplasty?

Surgeons most often perform rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a “nose job,” to improve the nose’s shape, symmetry, or other cosmetic aspects. However, some rhinoplasties correct physical problems that keep the nose from working as it should.  

How Does a Rhinoplasty Work?

Your surgeon will perform your rhinoplasty under general anesthesia. They will access the nasal structures through small incisions either inside or in a hidden spot outside the nose. The surgeon will restructure the nasal cartilage and tissue to shape the nose that the individual wants. Whether this means a more aesthetically pleasing nose or a more functional one, at Faces Fort Worth, we will help you achieve your goals. 

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What is the Difference Between A Functional and Cosmetic Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasties usually fall into one of two categories. Some people want an aesthetic change to the nose, while others want the surgery to improve their breathing and comfort. Both types of rhinoplasty offer significant benefits to the patient

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

This form of rhinoplasty improves the appearance of the nose, whether this means altering the shape, size, or creating a balance with the rest of the face. Since the nose is the center of the face, a cosmetic improvement can create important changes in confidence and self-esteem. 

Functional Rhinoplasty

While many functional rhinoplasties correct a deviated septum, there are many other reasons why a person might not breathe well through the nose. A functional rhinoplasty can improve breathing, improving the person’s quality of life

Some people may choose to have cosmetic improvements performed during a functional rhinoplasty. Since the procedures often use the same basic methods, surgeons can perform both types of procedures in the same surgery. 

How Long is Recovery From a Rhinoplasty?

You will wear a splint for about a week after surgery to protect your healing nose. You can expect bruising and swelling to last about two weeks. Swelling may not fully resolve for several months, so your results may continue to improve during that time. Follow all instructions from your surgeon while recovering. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a Rhinoplasty?

If you want to change the appearance of your nose, you may be a good candidate for cosmetic rhinoplasty. For functional rhinoplasty, candidates should have a physical issue with the nose that inhibits proper functioning. Candidates should have no serious health problems and not smoke or quit before surgery. 

What Results Will I See From a Rhinoplasty?

For the first few weeks, results may not look like you expected. Once the swelling goes down, you will see what your actual results look like. You can expect to see the nose that you and your surgeon planned to achieve, more aesthetically pleasing and in balance with your face. After a functional rhinoplasty, you can expect better breathing through both nostrils once the swelling has resolved. 

Take the Next Step

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