Brow Lift & Forehead Lift

Dr. Sonneveld performs brow and forehead lifts to raise eyebrows and reduce ridges and furrows on the forehead, thus creating a smoother, more youthful appearance. The procedures can be performed together, individually, or in conjunction with other surgeries.

Brow Lift and Forehead Lift Fort Worth & Arlington

Learn More About Brow Lift & Forehead Lift

Brow lift and forehead lift surgery are intended to fix drooping of the upper eyelids and eyebrows and sagging skin on the forehead.

Brow lift surgery is safe for individuals who have developed hooding of their upper eyelids due to aging, weight loss, or previous injury. Hooding occurs when the eyebrows’ connective tissue becomes loose and causes drooping.

A forehead lift is performed on individuals who have wrinkles, sagging skin, or loose tissue in the forehead area. The term “forehead lift” refers to a procedure that tightens the muscles at the hairline and removes excess fat, muscle, and skin from the upper part of the head. Some patients may also receive a brow lift procedure concurrently. Your insurance company may pay for part or all of the cost of surgery if the procedure is performed as a result of visual impairment. Because every insurance carrier is different, it is recommended that you check with your own insurance company to determine the level of coverage.

Both brow lift and forehead lift surgeries are typically performed under local anesthesia with sedation as outpatient procedures but may require general anesthesia with a hospital stay.

An incision is generally made across the top of the head from the front of one ear to the front of the other ear. The forehead and brows are elevated, and excess skin is removed. The flap is then sutured. Newer techniques now allow us to perform forehead lifting through small incisions in the scalp by using an endoscope and specialized instruments. This accelerates the healing process.

Antibiotics may be prescribed for several days following surgery. Sutures are generally removed within one week. Swelling and some bruising may occur; they should subside within a few weeks. Our doctors will prescribe ice compresses and eye exercises to reduce swelling and regain mobility. Women will be allowed to use eye cosmetics up to two weeks after surgery. You can proceed with your normal daily activities within 1-2 weeks. A final evaluation may occur within several months from the initial surgical procedure.

Results and benefits of a brow lift include:

  • A refreshed, younger appearance with less wrinkled or droopy eyelids and eyebrows
  • An elevated position of the brows leads to decreased interference with vision
  • Increased self-confidence and improved quality of life

Risks: The risks of brow and forehead lift surgery are minimal with modern techniques but can include infection, nerve injury, bleeding under the skin flap, which may cause uneven eyebrow position or asymmetry (asymmetric face), hematoma (blood accumulates under the skin), and anesthetic complications.

Be sure to trust your facial cosmetic surgeries with a skilled and experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon like Dr. Sonneveld. When planning a cosmetic procedure, he will consider your entire facial bone structure, nerves, and tissues to provide the best aesthetic outcome.

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