How Much is Chin Augmentation?

The shape of your chin can define your profile and shape your jawline. If your chin bothers you, you might consider chin augmentation. This procedure can give you a more defined chin and even correct problems with shape or symmetry. 

What is Chin Augmentation or Genioplasty?

Chin augmentation is a procedure that reshapes or enhances the chin. A recessed or asymmetrical chin can make you self-conscious and affect the harmony of your features. Chin augmentation comes in two forms. Augmentation genioplasty uses an implant to give you a stronger, more defined chin. Sliding genioplasty reshapes and repositions the bones to remodel your chin. 

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How Much is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a customized procedure based on your surgeon’s assessment of your needs and goals. The cost of chin augmentation depends on several factors, including:

  • Your surgeon
  • Your location
  • The type and complexity of your procedure
  • Other costs

The average price of chin augmentation is about $3137. Your estimate may be higher or lower. Keep in mind that most providers perform chin augmentation using a silicone implant. Bone reshaping requires a more complicated surgery by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. The estimate also does not include anesthesia, medications, or other surgery-related expenses. 

How Does Chin Augmentation Work?

Chin augmentation can take place using implants or bone repositioning. Dr. Sonneveld will recommend the best procedure to help you see your desired results.

Augmentation Genioplasty 

If you want a firmer, more well-defined chin, augmentation genioplasty can often help. This procedure uses an implant to shape your chin. Silicone implants make a good choice for some people, while others may have bone grafted to the area. This type of augmentation tends to have a shorter recovery time. 

Sliding Genioplasty

This procedure has a longer recovery time but can reshape and reposition the chin in ways an implant cannot. The bones are cut and moved to their new position, then attached with plates and screws. This procedure can correct a chin that looks too short, asymmetrical or protrudes too far forward. 

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What is Recovery Like After Chin Augmentation? 

You may have some soreness and swelling after your procedure, especially after bone reshaping. Some people have trouble talking or chewing for a few days, so you should limit yourself to liquid or very soft foods. Most people need to take about a week off before returning to work. You can typically resume your usual activities after two to three weeks, but full recovery can take a few months. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Chin Augmentation?

Good candidates for chin augmentation want to change the size or shape of their chin. Ideal candidates are healthy nonsmokers with reasonable expectations about their results. Chin augmentation can help whether you want to improve your profile or restore your facial harmony. 

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