What’s the Best Age to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Most of our adult teeth emerge when we are children, leading to adorable gap-toothed smiles. Wisdom teeth, on the other hand, wait till your teen or young adult years to arrive. Many people need wisdom teeth removal to address these problem teeth. Some people’s wisdom teeth can cause many different issues if not removed. 

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars. They emerge behind your second set at the back of your mouth. However, wisdom teeth may not emerge at all or emerge incorrectly. Wisdom teeth often lack the room they need, so they can crowd other teeth and cause infections. These are called impacted wisdom teeth and can become very uncomfortable. 

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What’s the Best Age to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Your wisdom teeth may erupt without problems and not require removal. When problems related to wisdom teeth occur, they can be painful and damage your other teeth by pushing them. They can also cause infections if you cannot clean them properly. The ideal age to have wisdom tooth removal is before these problems begin. 

X-rays can show how your wisdom teeth are growing and whether they are likely to cause problems. Dr. Sonneveld will recommend removal if he thinks it will prevent issues in the future or if they have already occurred. The best age for wisdom tooth removal is usually the teens or early 20s. The roots are developed enough for removal at this age, but most people do not have significant problems yet. 

How Do I Prepare for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth removal does not require much preparation. We recommend following these steps to make your procedure and recovery go smoothly. 

  • Schedule your time off ahead of time
  • Stock up on the kinds of soft foods you will be able to eat
  • Find a few shirts that button or zip up the front instead of pulling over your head
  • If you are told not to eat or drink, follow these instructions
  • Brush your teeth as you usually would
  • Avoid smoking or alcohol use
  • Arrange for a ride home from your surgery

Follow any instructions provided by Dr. Sonneveld before your procedure.

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What is Recovery Like After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

You may feel groggy from anesthesia for a few hours after your procedure. Depending on the details of your surgery, you can expect some swelling and discomfort. Pain medication will make the first few days more comfortable. You will be limited to liquids at first and can then eat soft foods. Most people feel close to normal and can return to work or other activities within a week. 

Dr. Sonneveld was great. He made sure all of my questions were answered and that I was at ease for my wisdom teeth removal. The experience was so much better than I expected. I had no pain or problems after the removal, I would definitely recommend him to everyone.

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